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Heartless Leaves Me Speechless

Dropping a song right before Thanksgiving is pretty audacious but not when you're The Weeknd.



It always is nerve racking, at least for me, when you see that one of your favorite artists has released music. You'll be disappointed if it's not as good as previous projects, but it's even worse if it is all that you hoped for. Your friends won't give you the aux until you have proved that you are over your obsession. They'll be annoyed by you quoting random lyrics out of context. Well I apologize to anyone who I knows me personally because currently I am that crazed friend. I've been infatuated with "Heartless" for the last week. It begins with an eerie, reverb coated introduction which pulls you into the rest of the song. And as you would expect from a duo between Metro Boomin and The King of the Fall himself, the drop is everything expected: punchy kicks, booming bass, combined with a cut throat first line. Once you listen to the song you will know exactly what lyric I'm referring to. Now, with having a drop so early in a trap/hip-hop production you run the risk of wearing out the hook and 808s, but "Heartless" manages to keep itself self assured. The track is climactic and exhilarating throughout while still maintaining The Weeknd's sultry sound.

For months now the "Earned It" singer had been hinting at new music. A sixth album is still expected to drop and many fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. The Weeknd last released a full length album titled "My Dear Melancholy" in March of 2018 so die hard fans are desperate for whatever they can get their hands on. To put it bluntly his last albums "Starboy" and "My Dear Melancholy" were never favorites of mine. Though "Starboy" had many tracks I enjoyed, overall it was a bit too generic and poppy for my liking. "My Dear Melancholy", though more heart felt, lacked detail like his first two projects had. Though innovative, "Heartless" has a sound that invokes the days of his first releases, such as "Trilogy" and "Beauty Behind the Madness". If this track hints at what chapter six will bring, me and all the old school Weeknd heads will be satisfied. Out of 10 "Heartless" is a well earned 9.


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